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About Us

Hi, my name is Michael Schlabach and I am the owner of MAD Taxidermy in Ellinger, TX (formerly located in La Grange, TX). Let me first tell you what the "MAD" in MAD Taxidermy stands for.  My father, Dan Schlabach, opened "Dan’s Taxidermy" in 1974.  After 32 years of operating a successful Taxidermy business, he retired and I was able to purchase the business from him.  In honor of him and to establish my own name, I simply named the business "Mike At Dan’s Taxidermy" or "MAD Taxidermy" for short.

Now, for over 35 years here at MAD Taxidermy, we have established a brand name in Taxidermy simply called quality.  Everything we touch whether it is a Boone & Crocket whitetail, a trophy Elk, a beautiful cat or a casual European mount, our unique approach and style will make it stand out.  There are no boring mounts here.  All mounts are paid special attention to in detail and pose.

Taxidermy is not my job, it is my passion.  I crisscross the United States every spring and summer training with others and honing my Taxidermy skills always staying a step ahead.  I will shoot straight with you now; if you are looking for the cheapest Taxidermist out there to mount your trophy, then you are on the wrong site looking at the wrong Taxidermist.  But if you are looking for a Taxidermist who treats every trophy as if it were his own and goes the extra mile to provide the detail in your mount that makes you say "WOW,"  then you have come to the right place.

Call me or come by for a chat and to see our mounts in person. We look forward to meeting you and providing you with the type of full service Taxidermy that exceeds all expectations you may have ever had in dealing with a Taxidermist.

MAD Taxidermy Helpers, Dani & Edward, Re-sculpting a bugling Elk mouth and sculpting in the eye detail & shape...... we don't just 'slap' them on a mannequin....!